Be a guitar hero

EasyTUNER is a lightweight application for pitch tuning of various musical instruments. Goal of this tool is not to be a competitive application on the market, because there is a lot of applications for guitar tuning, or so, but to present three fundamental pitch detection algorithms such as:

  • FFT (Fast Fourier Transform)
  • Auto-Correlation
  • Zero-Crossing

If one uses a sound generator or synthesizer for pitch testing, all of those three algorithms will work properly, because sounds from mentioned sources are pure one frequency sounds, but in the real world, sounds made by musical instruments are not pure, single frequency sounds. They are a mix of several frequencies played together. Those frequencies are called harmonics. They can have higher or lower pitch of fundamental frequency. So how to find which frequency is fundamental? The one with the highest amplitude? Not always.

EasyTUNER does not have any tweaking of measurements to display stable numbers on a display, like many other tuning applications have. Do some testing with EasyTUNER to find out how serious a problem is to make a precise measurement of several tones (harmonics) played together. For example, try with the lowest tones on the guitar thickest string E. Have fun!


Windows 7 and above