Virtual LCR Meter

EasyLCR is a virtual LCR Meter. This application can be used for measuring inductance, capacitance and resistance. With this tool you can also measure:

  • ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance)
  • EPR (Equivalent Parallel Resistance)
  • Reactance, Dissipation Factor and Q Factor

To make measurement hardware, you need only two 3.5 mm stereo jacks for the connection to Line IN and Line OUT connectors of your sound card, one 1000 Ohm metal film resistor, one jumper or a switch for calibration, a pair of crocodile clips to connect a part which is to be measured, a few wires and some basic wiring and soldering skills.

The only thing that must be done outside the EasyLCR application is setting the Reference Resistor value. Using a good ohm-meter you can fine tune the measuring precision by doing a resistance measurement of your metal film 1000 Ohm resistor and writing it to the EasyLCR.ini file, instead of the default 1000.0 value.


Windows 7 and above