Audio Filter Calculator

EasyFILTER is an Audio Filter Calculator. This application can be used for calculating filters in digital audio applications. With this tool you can also generate C source code which can be implemented in your own applications.

EasyFILTER can calculate Infinite (IIR) and Finite (FIR) Impulse Response filters:

  • Butterworth Filter
  • Bessel Filter
  • Chebyshev Filter
  • Resonator Filter
  • Proportional-Integral
  • Raised Cosine
  • Hilbert Transformer

EasyFILTER allows you to do a simple one button click digital filter calculation with parameters of your choice and it can generate everything you need to use that digital filter in your software. You only need to choose specific IIR digital filter (Butterworth, Bessel, Chebyshev, Resonator or Proportional-Integral), filter type (Low-pass, High-pass, Band-pass, Band-stop or All-pass) or specific FIR digital filter (Raised Cosine or Hilbert Transformer) and set a few additional parameters. After that, EasyFILTER will make a graphic with a filter amplitude curve presented in the frequency domain and it will generate C source code for implementation in your own software applications.


Windows 7 and above


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InformationThe trial is limited to 5 minutes of usage per session and the inability to save C source code to a file.