About Easy Audio Tools

Easy Audio Tools are a set of virtual audio measuring instruments.

Our goal is to make audio measurement easy, but precise and as closer to the professional equipment of the same purpose.

Personal computers are much stronger machines than the embedded computers in the nowadays spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes, etc. If we add some quality internal audio card to our PC or an external audio interface with a 124 dB S/N ratio or better, coupled with a PC application designed for audio measurement, we will get a very serious measuring instrument that will work as good as professional instruments that cost several thousand dollars.

Alternatively, if we have an ordinary tablet PC with the internal audio that can provide an S/N ratio of 88 dB for example, then we can do a successful measurement of room acoustics, check the design of our handmade speaker system, fine tune the parts in the crossover inside a speaker box, or tune a guitar...